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What People Are Saying 

It's important for you to know what people are saying about Stately Property Inspections.  

  • “Thanks again for your efforts. Nancy and I were highly impressed with your thoroughness.  We plan on using you in the future as we purchase more properties.”  David M. - Buyer

  • “All of our clients have been pleased with the professional and comprehensive service that STATELY Inspections has provided for them.  They have appreciated the response to follow up questions as well.  Will continue to pass your name along.”    Ellen T. - Agent

  • “In all my years of being an Agent, I have never seen a finished product like this, that you have presented and given to the client."  Briggs F. - Agent

  • "Thanks very much for this very thorough inspection and report. I am incredibly impressed with the quality and professionalism that STATELY Property Inspection displayed through this entire process.  If you ever need a reference or customer testimonial, please do not hesitate to contact me. As someone who works in the construction/home repair/contractor business, I understand how important word of mouth marketing can be and I will gladly recommend your company to anyone in need of a property inspection. Thanks again for your work!"  Mark H. – Client

  • "Thank you so much for your voicemail last Thursday. I played the voicemail for the guys I was meeting with from the church and they were all AMAZED that my inspector would proactively call just to check in. So I really hope to give you some great referral business."  John E. – Client

  • "Thanks again for taking the time to go over the inspection report with us. You guys did an incredibly thorough job and explained things really well. Tom – Client

  • "Thank you very much for your assistance and effort for today’s inspection.  We have learned a lot from your report and really appreciate your comprehensive reports.  Even after we buy a home, we want to work with you and your crew to check our house annually. PS: You and your crew should write a book for home inspection guide!"   Tae H. and Youn J. – Clients

  • "I want to thank you and your team so much for such a professional job performed today.  I really appreciate the attention to detail and general advice that Stately provides.  Sky’s the limit for you guys, and I will definitely be using you and your team of professionals going forward on future endeavors."  Sanders A. – Client

  • "Thanks for sending this over, I looked over it last night as was really impressed with how thorough you guys are and the detail the report went into, it was very easy to read through!  Thanks again for your work."  Josh L. – Client

  • "Thanks very much for the detailed report. I think you covered everything thoroughly yesterday, but if I have any further questions I’ll let you know.  It is very much appreciated that your inspection is so comprehensive; it makes me feel confident about the purchase."      Daryl G. – Client

  • "I wanted to let you know I have terminated my offer. I did not feel good about it and was a the point to do it or not. I decided “not” and feel very confident about my decision.  I know “the house” is out there for me and when it is chosen, you will do another inspection for it!!!  THANK YOU so so so so so much for your willingness to jump in, show up so quickly and make it happen.  I cannot tell you how many people that came to look at the items you identified said how impressed they were with your report, detail and photos.  I appreciate how much time and work went into it.  I am so glad that Julie brought you in."  Judy B. – Client

  • "As always, we appreciate your input.  By the way, we have been in touch with the contractor who did the addition to the house.  He saw the inspection report and was impressed by its thoroughness."  Mary Pat R. – Client

  • "The buyer was VERY impressed with you and so was his contractor.  Thanks!"   Donald W. – Agent